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Nuzhat Company was established for the manufacture of automatic packaging lines, dates production lines and all food lines in 1950 to be one of the first companies in the Middle East working in this field. The company obtained the industrial registry in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Over the past decades, Nozhat Industrial Company has worked on developing its products and modernizing its production to keep pace with the latest scientific and technological developments in the field of manufacturing automated packaging and production lines, and the company sought to integrate all its engineering and technical cadres.

All of the company's products have been built on precise engineering standards and criteria, starting with study and engineering design using modern scientific and technical methods, and passing through the implementation phase according to strict standards and controls and using the latest scientific findings of industrial, electronic and pneumatic automation systems.

The quality of the products that we offer is the backbone of our work, so we are always keen to choose the best types of parts and metals with international specifications to maintain the parts of the machinery equipment that reduce friction, which gives the machines the ability to work continuously 24 hours,

Which is reflected on the actual life of our products compared to other similar products,

Which gave the company the ability to give its customers an open-term warranty inside Syria and a mechanical warranty for five years in other countries.

The previous factors enabled the company to find permanent markets for its products, including all Arab countries and many African and European countries, including Russia, Canada and America.


Our Goals

We always look forward to serving our customers. Our main goal is to provide products that help customers present their products in a distinctive and high quality way. What distinguishes our company is also the technical and technical team capable of implementing projects or maintenance and installation work in any country in the world.

Our Vision

  Our company's vision in the field of manufacturing packaging machines and manufacturing production lines stems from the principle of providing the finest engineering and industrial services within a sophisticated professional framework that meets the growing needs for the presence of global expertise in line with the industrial development taking place in the markets.

On the other hand, providing these services at reasonable prices and commensurate with the quality of the services provided. 

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